Corporate / M&A

Our firm offers full legal services in all areas of corporate law and M&A.

Our firm offers our clients legal advice during the complete procedure of founding a company, representation office or branch office, such as drafting the necessary documents for the foundation, assistance with their signing and submission of the request for the registration of the company at the Court of Registry. Upon request from our clients, we handle the procedures for the registration of changes of the company and initiate voluntary winding up procedures also.

Our firm provides full scale incorporation work, and our day-to-day corporate services include assisting the management with the preparation and review of the legal compliance of the management proposals, preparing or implementing the corporate by-laws and operational rule and representation in registration procedures.

We bring in-depth understanding of your business objectives together with on-the-ground knowledge of local markets to deliver results.

We have extensive experience in advising our clients on M&A acquisitions, corporate reorganisation and restructuring, merger and demerger of companies. Our services includes drafting and advising on transactions, agreements, guarantees and warranties in negotiations and setting up structures for all types of M&A transactions. We counsel buyers and sellers throughout all phases of the M&A cycle, from the initial evaluation of a potential target or preparation for possible sale, through to final integration of an acquisition or ongoing management of a controlling or minority investment.

We pride ourselves on bringing innovative legal solutions to the complex challenges often created in these transactions.

We adopt more a pragmatical and proactive approach to the problems rather than a narrow, legalistic way of thinking.