IP Strategies

We can deliver high-end advice for IP strategies, not just on how to protect and enforce intellectual property rights, but also strategic planning to maximise those assets for the benefit of your business. Our firm has broad experience in the field of copyrights, patents and entertainment. Our team have extensive experience in negotiating and drafting documents relating to rights to use trademarks, patents and other types of intellectual property, including franchise or license agreements in a variety of industries, transfer and security interest documents.

We regularly counsel clients on: copyrights, trademarks, patents and trade secrets; practice before government agencies to secure those rights; negotiate licenses, joint ventures, divestitures and similar business transactions to maximize the value of such property; render patent, trademark and copyright infringement opinions; secure interim injunctions and litigate to protect intellectual property; and handle arbitration, mediation and other litigation alternatives.

Our work includes:

  • copyrights

  • trademarks

  • patents

  • utility models

  • industrial designs

  • licensing

  • transactional support

  • domain names

  • content regulation

  • enforcement of IP rights

  • IP portfolio management

  • confidentiality agreement

  • franchise agreement

  • license agreement